Ventanas Program Staff



John’s journey through alcoholism and recovery was triggered like many by a life altering experience. Being a nationally-recognized interior designer, gallery owner, furniture designer and entrepreneur, John was confident that his drinking was not a problem but rather the solution. After seven years in and out of treatment John’s family unknowingly created a faith-based program of dignity, accountability, and incorporating the Twelve Steps. Only through faith, working the program with a sponsor, and living in a transitional environment (which his family created) was John able to gain his credibility, and build a solid foundation for his life in sobriety.


Lynda L. Moinzad holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Social Work as well as a K12 Principle’s License.  Lynda’s career spans 35 years of working with high risk youth from the university to the elementary level. Her real education came when her son turned to alcohol to cope with life-changing issues. Her love for her son posed the most challenging and urgent commitment to learn and understand the disease of alcoholism before he lost his life. The alcohol became his solution and took a nationally renowned interior designer to the depths of a full-time active alcoholic. Lynda’s challenge was to take an educated, self-made business mogul, a manipulative, narcissistic and combative socialite and convince him that his problems were greater than he himself could combat. He needed to give his will of life over to a higher power in order to succeed. Ventanas Behavioral Health was born. Ventanas is patterned after this proprietary sober living program first proven in a familial environment, a supportive surround with stated structure, expectations, accountability and dignity.


Sasha Moinzad comes to the table with a degree in Engineering Graphics, inducted into Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society as well as numerous certifications and accreditations in health fitness and spiritual wellness. Sasha’s background in health and wellness includes Yoga certification, Barre certification, and an Aerial Art instructor since 2009. Sasha’s philosophy on health and spiritual wellness stems from her own journey battling with body image distortion which lead to addictive behavior as a coping mechanism. It was not until she decided to face her issues head on and develop a nutritional, spiritual and physical wellness program to fit her needs that she was able to center herself and change not just her physical but her emotional wellbeing. Sasha incorporated these philosophies when unknowingly creating a sober life plan for her brother that was in recovery. That combined with her core of spirituality which embraces self-awareness and self-image is a recipe for regaining ones self-worth and dignity.