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Personalized Sober Living Programs


Our high staff-to-client ratio at Ventanas Behavioral Health Retreat distinguishes Ventanas among sober living options. In-depth personalized education in sobriety and life skills include:

  • Luxury Accommodations in a Home Setting
  • 24-Hour Behavioral Support
  • One-on-One and Group Activities
  • Custom Nutritional Program
  • Physical Wellness Program
  • Daily 12 Steps
  • Personal Therapist
  • Life Skills
  • And more.

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Each stay at Ventanas Retreat includes:

  • Culinary Program, Nutritional Health and Wellness – Learn Culinary Skills as well as enjoy every day family style food preparation
  • Outdoor Activities / Team Building – Learn to encourage fellowship and sober community
  • Spiritual and Physical Health and Wellness – Learn Meditation and Self Centering to attain Personal Growth. Implement skills to break down real or perceived physical barriers to truly reach a mindful presence and enlightenment
  • Art Therapy – Learn to use the creative process of art to explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts and foster self-awareness
  • Workshops and Personal Therapist – Learn to address the real triggers behind addiction, confront them working closely with Thrive Therapy.

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